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The Wait (A poem of Love)

This wall between the worlds… yours and mine

Invisible. Yet rock-solid

I tried to scale it, yet again, to peep into the other world..

Perhaps you’ll be waiting for me there…just across?

With that devilish smirk on your face…

Which makes me go weak in my knees… Always!


I climbed and climbed… it was sky high

And the scratches and cuts my being endured

Just to see you again…and those smiling eyes

What would I not give to see myself reflected in them?

For once, my distracted mind caused my hands to lose their grip

I was falling…falling. I screamed, terrified

I cried out your name, the sweetest sound I held sacred

Futile it was, as I lay in a heap, my heart injured as my spirit bled.


Who knows how long I had lain there?

For half-alive I merely was…and the world so silent, watching

Waiting in despair for the moment to arrive

When my life-breath would desert me

When, at last, I could be set free!

close up of leaf
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The music seemed so strange at first

And lights dazzled my bleary sight

Footsteps, so gentle, yet so clear

Stopped near me as if to say

“And here I am, I always was… perhaps you had no eyes to see,

I live inside you, precious one, and in your pain you’ll find me.”


A sigh escaped my swollen lip, and I could not help but ask…

“Why, my Lord, must I always hurt?

Why won’t you show me you care!”

A smile divine now played His lips

His face aglow as he whispered,

“Brave are you, for you can dare

To bare your soul and embrace your wound

In moments such you’ll feel me close

And hark my call, for I’ll be near

Like the butterfly that morphs, in a magic so rare

You’ll know that your pain has morphed to prayer.”

The Devil’s Bride (poetry)

Away, in the forest, the wind softly calls 

Nudging the trees, stirring them awake

Tip-toeing through the eerie blackness

Oh hark! There she comes again..

Noiselessly, whispering his very name…


As if on cue, the jackal howls 

Nervously darting  from her path

Teeth bared, it watches her pass

Ominously growling at her sweeping train

Not once she flinches but chants his name.



A wandering sorceress she is called

Not a soul knows who she was before

Terrifying tales of her magical spells

Often retold by simple village dame

No other sound escapes her lips, other than that hallowed name….


As her dark veil slips in the rippling breeze

Night itself gasps in shock

Trembling, the wind dances around her

Offering its allegiance, like a stallion tame

Now’s the time! And she cries out his name.


A tremor under her feet she feels

No fear clouds her ember eyes

“Tell me that you’ve come for me!

One promise that can”t go in vain,

Now prove the magic of your name!”


And the shadows hear her ardent pleas

Nestled in black, they creep up to her

They engulf her in a lover’s embrace

Over her being, like the caress of spring rain

Nearer than ever, she hears his name.


As if all hell had broken loose

Nameless voices shrieked their glee

Tugging her along, the shadows swept

Obscuring her, like living bait

Now blushing, she awaited her mate.


Who knows what transpired that terrible night…

And what became of the devil’s bride,,,