Colour me in your hues! (Poem on ‘Holi’)

All around the courtyard was a sleepy calm

Night had descended, like a dark-winged bird

Tired, the inhabitants slumbered but

One tiny window upstairs slid open

Noiselessly, she peered out and felt her heart quicken.


As she tied her hair in a hasty do

Nervous eyes darted like a deer

Too much to do, too little time!

Only if she could forget her fear!

Neatly, she filled her tray, then fled..the time was drawing near!


Alone, down the path that led to the river banks

No one to hear her bashful steps

The full-moon smiled demurely at her

“Oh, hide your light!”She prayed with a sigh

Now she knew she was close, for the ‘Yamuna’ flowed peacefully by..

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Amidst the dark and twinkling fireflies

Now rose a tremor, he knew she’d come

The treacherous flute, it kissed his lips

One ethereal tune, his flute now trilled

Nymph-like, her being throbbed to his beat


Arrested by his allure, she had not seen

Naughty glimmer in his eyes

Taking a handful of the colours on her tray

Outdid her by smearing them on her face

Nearing her, he held her in his embrace.


Thus played the divine and the devoted

Colouring each other with the shades of love and adulation

As the peacock-feathered lad threw the colours at her

Radha’s heart sang for joy and the Universe watched in silent admiration!

So this ‘Holi’, my prayer be

In the colours you love, come… colour me!

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