Goodbye… Or Not!

The darkest hour has come and gone… when I lost sight of you
May be, you removed me from your sight..
who knows which one is true
But when the dreams wake me at night, I lay awake and think
And even though its for the best, my mind gropes for the link
My link to you is now severed, the cords of care have snapped
Like the wind now you are free, my arms no longer wrapped
Despite the tears that must well up, despite the hollow sigh
I say my prayers with you in mind, to you they gladly fly.

We weren’t meant to be, I know, I merely fooled my mind
Your love would always hold me close, your love would always bind.
Now that our ways must part so soon, the pain of loss is more
How can I forget your scorching words that shook me to the core!
Your hand I could not hold for long, my greatest regret be
The memories, those thoughts and smiles are now a part of me.


Yes, I eat and yes I sleep and yes life trudges on
I wait for you like the dead of night that awaits the morn.
Somewhere you’ve just woken up, my day drags to an end
Gazing at the sunset hues I ask for strength to mend
Heal my heart from the wounds it braved because its love is true
Let my tears now gently fall, they write an ode to you.

Although I know the dreaded day to say goodbye is here
Hope whispers its not goodbye… somehow you’ll still be near

2 thoughts on “Goodbye… Or Not!”

  1. Sometimes letting go of the unattainable turns out to be a gain rather than a loss.
    A romantic relationship comes with so many challenges that sometimes those who are in one miss the good old days when they were free to chart their own path in life.
    What I have learned is that being in a relationship doesn’t change the fact that we are fundamentally alone. Those who are in one spend more time interacting with their own mind and inner world than with their spouse.
    Loneliness is my center and my default condition, it is the bedrock of my life and I view myself as one who makes little forays out of this center of solitude to interact with my family and then I return to my compost, to the stuff that grounds me.
    I actually crave my solitude more than I crave connecting all the time.
    I love the lines of Walt Witman’s “Leaves of Grass”: “I exist as I am and that is enough. If no other in the world be aware I sit content and if each and all be aware I sit content”.
    The key to an amazing life is dealing successfully with our solitude not how great of a relationship we have.
    Being in a relationship can be an amazing experience but it may take years or even a life time and may entail going through a lot of twists and turns to get there

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