Frenzy (poem)


Again, those nights of sheer ecstasy
Nights that always seem so new
The touch of his mouth on her craving one
Once a prayer in her heart
Now answered at last.

As the pleasure and pain seer her soul
Not a single sound escapes her lips
Till he possesses her entire being
Once and for all, he claims her free will.
Never hesitating, she makes the offering.

A giant serpent is he and entwines her
Nailing her down, he smirks with pride
Trembling, as his hands disrobe her
Over and over, she rejoices, she cherishes
Near-ecstatic, her teeth sink into his back.

A man she feels so complete with
Yet she knows not if he loves her
In her adoration, there are no lies
She does not demand, she only thanks her stars.
He takes, she gives. He rejects, she believes.

She believes he is a blessing sent her way
And she worships, like the undaunted sunflower that adores the sun,
She knows perhaps he will not stay
Yet deep in her heart, she feels they are but one.

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