RETREAT by Tania Dutta

City lights and posh places were never her choice,
So he took her to his ancestral home for a change.
Her eyes brightened up as she walked past the gate,
Staring in wonder at the grand view ahead.

It was an old old place that some had called their home,
She could hear murmers of them as she touched the stones.
He lead her with pride and anticipation,
Wondering what she was feeling as she strode along-

He could sense a secret excitement in her,
As he lead her up the wooden stairs.
She gazed at everything as she glided along the passage,
Loving the musty smell of the days long gone-
The candle in his hand made everything come to life,
And finally, he stopped at one particular door..

This was his grandmother’s chamber
He said to her,
Then he let her in and opened the window.
She said nothing ,but was overwhelmed,
She turned around and then made a strange request.
“Why don’t you go down and walk up the path?
And allow me to stand by the window and wait for you?”

This was what his grandmother would do
He had mentioned it to her before…
He smiled in confusion and met her gaze-
He loved to see the ruddy glow of her face.
He turned back once and saw her stand,
And made his way downstairs
As if obeying her command.

Meanwhile she glanced at her reflection ,
And covered her head with her dupatta
Smiling shyly ,as if she was a new bride.
Then pretending to chew a betel leaf ,
She went back to the window
And waited for him.
He was feeling as if something had come over him,
As he reached the iron gates and started to walk in.
It was as if he had done this many times before,

Walking down this path on such warm nights.
Just as he reached the steps to mount
Instinctively he looked up
At the window where she stood.
They glowed with pride and happiness
Having met each other’s gaze.
Her heart rejoiced and he understood
What a moment they were reliving
As his ancestors had done before.
Everything is predestined

He now understood –
Why she never liked the city
And loved it as they stood
Under the roof of what had once been their own..

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